first level inc. provides assembly and packaging services to the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries. We specialize in contract manufacturing microelecronics services such as wire bonding, bumping, flip chip, surface mount and interconnections technologies, die attachment, assembly packaging, hermetic sealing, encapsulation, under filling, and wafer dicing. We provide assistance to our customers in design, building prototypes, produce medium-to-small batches and perform failure analysis.

Packaging Assembly

Die Attach & Flip Chip

Stud Bumping

Surface Mount Technologies Assembly

Hermetic Lid Sealing

Lead Attach, and Trim and Form

Failure Analysis

Substrate Design

Lead Frame Design


Precision Component Placement

Wire Bonding


Under Fill and Encapsulation

Fine and Gross Leak Testing

Optoelectronics Technology

Package Design

Design Validation


Tooling Design and Fabrication